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Real Estate & Development

Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate has fluctuated greatly over the years, ranging from spread-out destination malls, to big box stores, to the repurposing of older developments. Our firm understands the complexities of these transactions as well as a myriad of special benefit districts and tax incentives, human resource and employment issues, construction contracts and management, and environmental constraints, as well as property, leasing, and portfolio management issues that can arise in relation to the acquisition, development, and disposition of commercial real estate.

Having worked with commercial developments throughout the country, we leverage our experience for your benefit and for the benefit of your project.

Commercial & Retail Leases

Our firm often advises on commercial and retail leasing, having been a trusted advisor to commercial developers, management, and tenants. We understand a developer’s comprehensive view of project planning, including financing and secured transactions, community expectations, and shifting marketplaces that can quickly change a project or how a particular space fits within a larger development. Tenants also have unique needs and expectations such as disparity in CAM charges, financing, mixed-use office/retail purposing, and lease negotiations. The firm advises all sizes of tenants and developers with respect to commercial and retail leasing and understands how to reach solutions for the various leasing and legal issues that arise.

Having worked on both sides of commercial and retail leasing, we identify clear and plausible solutions from a legal perspective that will address your interests, while understanding the objectives and goals of the other side.

Residential Redevelopment

Changing community landscapes, markets, and lifestyles are a few of many items that lead to housing development, reconditioning, and rehabilitation. Coupled with the fact that residential development implicates a host of unique regulations, liens, zoning, finance, and permitting requirements, residential developers and home owner associations are faced with significant legal and financial hurdles. Our attorneys work with new and experienced developers and HOAs to negotiate construction contracts, secure bonding, educate and comply with municipal codes and regulations, develop community improvement districts, address existing property covenants and restrictions, and assist with rehabilitating failed development projects through negotiations with lenders, municipalities, residents, and contractors.

We work to help your new and rehabilitative projects navigate the legal and business barriers they face so that your goals and objectives can come to fruition.

Commercial Development

Today’s developers want to provide their clients something more than just the typical rehabbed building space and improvements. The firm works with groups seeking to create fresh ideas, incorporating new developments and landscapes into their projects and adopting partners who can envision the long-term return. Working closely with city and municipal planners, Conroy Baran works patiently and with understanding on projects from the early planning stages, to development, to complex leasing and lending negotiations.

By focusing on your vision, the community, and legal landscape, we work to see your development project through from start to finish.

Warehouse Leasing & Logistics

Warehouse leasing, management, and logistics operate in unique legal environments. The firm’s attorneys have represented transportation companies, logistics companies, and actual on-the-ground warehouse facilities in many varied settings and capacities, often advising on technology advances in logistics, carrier relationships, and best practices for warehouse management and goods storage before short-haul redistribution or redirection.

In today’s logistics and warehousing world, every minute counts. Our experience allows you to keep business moving while protecting your interests.

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