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Contract management and execution often gets overlooked. Contracting is affected not only by the legal terms within each agreement, but by a host of statutory and common law principles that can be incredibly detailed for each industry. Conroy Baran advises clients on the effective drafting, negotiation, and execution of its key agreements and policies for delivering and receiving goods and services. The firm’s services include drafting, reviewing, and negotiating key legal documents, licensing agreements, customer and supplier agreements, distribution agreements, leases, loan agreements, UCC matters, RFP processes, franchising, and credit relationships.

Effective contracting can not only be an effective legal tool, if done properly, it can be an asset. We work to make sure that your contractual relationships promote the marketability and stability of your company.


An effective workforce is key for success. However, along with that success comes additional legal compliance, contracting concerns, and litigation risks. Practical advice, based upon review and analysis of employment policies, agreements, practices, the law, and human experience can help safely navigate the increasing regulatory and personnel burdens that may arise under the FMLA, ADA, OSHA, wage and hour, and other laws. Employment and independent contractor relationships also create a host of contracting concerns such as at-will status, trade secret protections, restrictive covenants and non-competition arrangements, implications under work made for hire relationships, and other matters. Conroy Baran works with management to minimize risk of future claims or internal disputes.

We understand that your company’s employees and contractors are important personal and strategic relationships. Our goal is to help you protect and promote those relationships.

Corporate Governance

Every company relies on the strengths and knowledge of its leaders. Conroy Baran works with corporate and non-profit boards to ensure they are equipped to be successful in their endeavors. Board management and committee governance may be foreign to many organizations, but can become an effective tool, once understood.

The firm’s advisory services include best practices for boards and committee members, director and officer fiduciary duties and relationships, navigating conflicts of interests and related party transactions, implementing executive compensation, review, drafting and amending articles of incorporation, bylaws, programs, policies, and codes of conduct, executive succession planning, risk management programs, and internal audits and investigations.

We share a common goal: creating reliable and effective governance within your company. When your business succeeds, so do we.

Succession Planning

The end of each chapter in a business’s life is filled with both uncertainty and opportunity. Legal and personal complexities within each business require a multi-disciplinary approach to transition a company to its next phase. The firm’s advisory services include changes in internal controls and management, employee retention, property transfers, financing, assessing “readiness,” and implementing transfer and exit strategies.

The succession of your business is a crucial yet fragile period in its life cycle. We can help you successfully transition it to the next stage for long term viability and protect you in the process.

Joint Ventures and Business Combinations

Joint ventures can be effected by contract or by entity choice and arise for a host of reasons. Conroy Baran advises clients on the nature of these relationships and determines key elements of each transaction, such as corporate approvals, intellectual property rights, exclusivity arrangements, business objectives, foreign registrations, antitrust concerns, collaboration and joint effort arrangements, governing structure of a new entity, industry regulatory approvals, and management and control responsibilities of the parties.

Sometimes the best way to achieve a goal is jointly with another party. We protect your interests during this process, while promoting the synergies of the deal.

Corporate Counselor Programs

Conroy Baran often functions as outside general counsel for businesses, having become a trusted advisor to companies and their executives throughout their company’s life cycle. The firm believes that company operations should be enhanced by their legal counsel, not hindered. Executive decision making often requires advice from a legal compliance standpoint, which should be delivered in a manner that is accurate while preserving the culture and operations of the company. The firm’s general counsel services extend to small private companies with no in-house counsel to mature companies with internal legal departments.

Our goal is provide you with the advice and services needed for your industry. When you have timely and accurate counsel, your company will have the legal advantage it needs for business.

To learn more please contact our Corporate and Business Law practice leader, Kyle Conroy.